File Download :Q-Dir Portable 6.22

File Download :Q-Dir Portable 6.22

Q- Dir Portable is a free, easy-to-use file manager, to easily manage your files and directories. The interface uses a unique Quadro – view allows you to view the interface in a 4 different screens. This is the ultimate environment quickly and easily manage your files and folders tasks.
File Download :Q-Dir Portable 6.22

In addition to providing the usual features you’d expect in a file manager, Q-Dir includes extended functions to increase productivity such as:

Favorites menu to quickly access your favorite files and folders
Multiple viewing options (large icons, tiles, detail view, etc.
Export feature to: XLS, CSV, TXT, HTM
A handy screen magnifier
Color filters to easily identify various items and file types
Preview function to view text and image files within the interface
Treeview feature to quickly access your files and directories
Quick links function to access your folders instantly

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