Dishonored 2

Winter is coming, and that’s a good thing if you’re a gamer: The end of year brings some of the most exciting PC and console games, plus holiday discounts.

This time of year brings a variety of reasons to stay in and play video games, whether you prefer a game console or computer. However recently there have been some popular games in the last month in the years of winter.

Dishonored 2

•    Release date: November 10, 2016
•    Genre: Story-rich stealth action
•    ESRB rating: M for Mature
•    Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

The original Dishonored (2012) Mix Arkane Studio’s rich knowledge on maps, layered game mechanics, and the world gradually reflects your gameplay style: the more dramatic, the darker the story. The newly released sequel takes you to a fraction of the fictional world of a different game, a mix of whaling 19th century Victorian society, mysterious magic, and steampunky technology into the sum of its various parts.

This time you can choose a full representation of the male or female role that will put your point of view on the world around them. Protestment 2 features a first-line actor voice: Rosario Dawson, Jamie Hector, Pedro Pascal Sam Rockwell, Vincent D ‘Onofrio, Lord Robin Taylor Of the ring.


Watch_Dogs 2

•    Release date: November 15 on consoles, November 29 on PC
•    Genre: Open-world stealth action
•    ESRB rating: M for Mature
•    Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Watch_Dogs Olympic Games are like Grand Theft Auto, unless you can also crack the electronic equipment in the environment, from ATM machines to street light construction equipment. The initial game was to criticize an indifferent protagonist, lacking geographical accuracy and being too familiar with the game mechanics. But the sequel to the early game demo shows the necessary adjustments, such as the new lead, from “Chicago” to San Francisco. Fresh, the game also seems to support a variety of goals is not fatal way, it is difficult to support populist losers in the open fire.


Final Fantasy XV

•    Release date: November 29
•    Genre: JRPG
•    ESRB rating: T for Teen
•    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Gamers may have reason to extend their gratitude beyond Thanksgiving when the next Final Fantasy arrives on store shelves November 29. While titles in this franchise come out every year, it’s been six years since a regular main-line entry, so Square-Enix has built up a lot of anticipation. Sony also announced that the the PlayStation 4 Pro [TKTK link to GameSpot coverage] (a souped-up edition designed with 4K and HDR in mind) will run the game at 60 frames per second at 1080p, which ought to make things buttery smooth — if you’re willing to drop $400 on this updated console. Previews indicate that FInal Fantasy XV will be in the same basic mold — control a group of heroes on an epic adventure, using the traditional back-and-forth Japanese RPG combat style that emphasizes dramatic attacks and gradual ability progression over the course of the game.


Holiday game deals


This year, Amazon and Best Buy are fighting particularly hard for your gaming dollar. Amazon Prime subscribers get 20% off preorders and games that have been on the shelf for two weeks or less. With Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, $30 gets you a two-year deal in which any new game is 20% off, and many preorders bundle a $10 discount off your next game.

However, Amazon and Best Buy limit these offers to physical copies of games, and Best Buy does not let this discount stack with Black Friday sales. So make sure you know what you’re buying and when. Many gamers prefer physical copies anyway, because refunds are much easier and the games can be traded and resold. But if you prefer downloads, Steam and Origin can give refunds on digital purchases, if you haven’t racked up too many hours of playtime.

New game season ain’t over just because you’ve unwrapped your holiday presents — several big titles will still be waiting in the wings. Here are three games you can look forward to in early 2017.


Horizon Zero Dawn

•    Release date: February 28, 2017
•    Genre: Open-world action adventure
•    ESRB rating: Pending (probably T for Teen)
•    Platform: PlayStation 4 (exclusive title)
The guerrilla game produced five killings in nine years, but in 2011 the decision to change the gear – the horizon zero dawn was the result. The game set in the future society has collapsed into tribal culture and robotic creatures in the land, some of them as big as thunderbolts. You need to write down some of the robots that collect resources and move the story (we only have the possibility of anxious bits). The horizon Zero Dawn was originally scheduled for release in 2016, but the guerrillas got more time to come to Poland for the game.


Ghost Recon Wildlands

•    Release date: March 7, 2017
•    Genre: Open-world tactical action
•    ESRB rating: Pending (probably M for Mature)
•    Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy-branded game takes us to Bolivia, where your team of US special operations forces is tasked with bringing down a powerful drug cartel by way of gunfire and explosions. The game is more “Rambo” than “Recon,” but then you don’t buy a game like this to stare at bad guys through digital binoculars all night. If your friends have the game and play on the same platform, they can drop into your game over the Internet and blow up things with you. It sounds like a promising stress reliever.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

•    Release date: March 2017
•    Genre: Sci-fi RPG action
•    ESRB rating: Pending (probably M for Mature)
•    Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Andromeda is the fourth game of the Mass Effect series, so it’s so named because you’ve been a long way away from the Milky Way to the nominal because of some of the events going home. Mass Effect is a story-rich experience, so if you like science-fiction and action-oriented rpg, we recommend using time from now to March 2017 to play through the first three games, or at least the third. They are available on the Xbox Xbox 360 through a backwards compatibility version, on Windows via Steam and the third game of Origins, and PS3, Xbox 360 through the original CD.