Andy OS v0.46.2.69
There are different Android emulators for PC in the market, but they have their limitations. In general, these programs are designed as app launchers, particularly gaming apps. Andy bridges the gap by delivering a complete Android tablet experience on PC. The free emulator delivers a seamless connection between mobile and desktop, enabling users to run all their communication apps from their computers.

Main Features

Uses the latest Android OS
Allows downloading of apps from desktop browsers directly to the emulator
Provides seamless synchronization between mobile devices and computers
Allows users to access all their favorite entertainment and communication apps on computer
Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Using Andy

Andy provided a distinct tablet feel right from the installation stage. Once the download process was complete, the dark-themed window that appeared displayed the information: “Android is upgrading”. It then displayed a welcome screen that required us to choose our preferred language. When we clicked the “Start” button, the emulator started connecting, identifying itself as a tablet. We then went through the process of registering it with our Google account and choosing various sync options.

At the end of the setup process, the emulator once more identified itself as a tablet by displaying the information: “Your tablet is set up and ready to use.” Indeed, when we clicked on the “Settings” menu, on the upper left corner of the application window, and then clicked on “About tablet”, the model number displayed as GT-P5200, which is a Samsung Galaxy tab. It was running Android version 4.2.2.

Andy comes with the usual stock Android apps like messaging, email and even app store, which allows you to download other apps. We could browse the Internet through Andy and even use our Android communication apps like whatsapp, snapchat and Viber. If you want to enjoy the touchscreen feel, then you can use your phone to control the games you play on your desktop. You can also use keyboard shortcuts.

The emulator gives you full control on how you want to customize it. You can add and remove widgets on the home screen or copy files directly from your desktop to the emulator.

The virtual machine Andy runs on also allows you to tweak things like base memory, but you should not mess around if you are not sure of what you are doing.


Andy is a true Android emulator that lets you use your computer as a tablet. It works fast though it is resource-hungry.

Andy OS v0.46.2.69