Atomic Cleaner 3 v1.3.3.2

Having unnecessary files on your computer can drastically affect its performance, and it´s important to remove them regularly. One of the programs you can use to accomplish this easily is Atomic Cleaner 3.

Using Atomic Cleaner 3

The free PC cleaner installed easily, giving us the option to create a desktop shortcut for quick access. When we launched the program for the first time, a pop up window appeared informing us that it was looking for installed programs and giving us access to help pages that showed us how to use it. One of the first pieces of advice we received was that we needed to close all web browsers for the software to clean their files.

The main program window was divided into two sections: the left side displayed buttons corresponding to the categories the program listed depending on our system while the right side gave us more information about the selected item or category. It displayed the numbers of currently selected items and possible items on the lower part of the program window. There were also three buttons on the lower side for accessing settings, performing a full analysis and a complete scan.

When we clicked the “Full Analyse” button, the interface changed, displaying what was being analyzed and a progress bar on the lower part. Upon completion of the analysis, the program displayed the time taken, selected files found, total size of selected files and other selected items. We had the option of viewing that log or the files found.

When we clicked on a category on the left part of the application window, its details were displayed on the right side. The various items that could be cleaned were listed with check boxes on their left, some of which had already been checked by default. A button on the upper side allowed us to select all items at once.

During the cleaning process, the program displayed the location where it was performing the cleaning and the total number of items found. The time cleaning took depended on the number of items being cleaned.


Finding junk files on your computer and removing them can be tricky if you do not use a suitable program. With Atomic Cleaner 3, you can easily find and remove the files since they´e grouped into appropriate categories. Currently, the free PC cleaner does not provide an option to create a restore point which is a feature that would prove handy in future releases.


Atomic Cleaner 3 v1.3.3.2