Desktop Download: W8 Sidebar 7.5.0

Do you want an easy way to monitor from your desktop computer, right? W8 sidebar will let you achieve all this and more. Portable applications placed on the desktop toolbar, allowing you to real-time information in the computer’s memory space, memory and CPU

W8 Sidebar Features

Computer system monitoring
Task scheduler
Search function
Power management

Using W8 Sidebar

Since the sidebar is a portable application, we only needed to extract it to our specified destination and launch it. The application’s main interface displayed information about available drives, memory, network connections and processor.

It can display up to 15 computer drives, which may be either fixed or removable. It shows the processor’s name and frequency. It can also show real time CPU per core for a maximum of eight cores. In addition, W8 Sidebar displays upload and download speeds of network connections. If you are using more than one network card, you will have the option to select the card to be monitored.

We used the search facility to look for and get files on our computer fast. It displayed a list of relevant files in a matter of seconds, and double clicking on a file activated Windows Explorer to open it. The application included a button for refreshing its database, which you can do either regularly or when you add many files. Creating our database took a couple of minutes to complete.

The application displayed these details in an attractive graphic user interface.

W8 Sidebar allowed us to create programmable tasks that it would remind us of depending on the chosen frequency. It can accommodate up to 10 tasks, which may be monthly, weekly, daily or just one-time events. It gives audible and visual reminders at the selected times. We could also set it to launch a specified program at a scheduled time.

Running or installing programs tend to leave traces behind in the form of junk files that take space unnecessarily. W8 Sidebar Cleaner helped us to remove junk files, including those in the temporary folder and recycle bin. We got details about the unnecessary files by hovering the cursor over the icon in the main application interface. Double-clicking on the icon opened a new interface that allowed us to choose the files we wanted to clean, while right-clicking on it gave us the option to run the cleaning action straight away.

If you need to clean Windows log files, then you need to run the application as an administrator.

W8 Sidebar’s power management feature allowed us to choose what we wanted to happen after a set duration, be it going on standby, hibernating, logging off, restarting or shutting down. The application notified us 30 seconds before performing the set action so we could cancel the action if we wanted. We could set an action to happen once or repeat every day.


W8 Sidebar is a handy utility that provides real time information about a computer right on the desktop. It also includes useful features for managing a computer easily.


Desktop Download: W8 Sidebar 7.5.0