DHCP Console for Windows 10

Microsoft has removed the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Console for RSAT in Windows 10. However, the console network software  is very handy for server administrators. DHCP Console for Windows 10 will give you the opportunity to have the console on your Windows 10. The program is specifically designed for machines running 64-bit editions.

The download is a ZIP archive containing MSI and EXE installers, allowing you to deploy the software to systems using Configuration Manager, Group Policy or WDS. Running the installers will place a DHCP icon on the desktop, which allows you to easily launch the DHCP Console.

You can install it either for yourself or everyone using the computer. The installer features a button that lists the drives where you can install the program, disk size, available and required spaces as well as the difference. The installer selects a default installation folder, but you can specify your own preferred destination.

You can add a DHCP server from the “Action” menu. You will need to specify the path of the server you want to add or browse for and select the server. The “Action” menu also allows you to manage authorized servers with relative ease.

You can either display or hide the console tree and action pane depending on your preferences. The software also gives you the opportunity to customize what you want to view in the console window. The changes you make to the console view are saved in your profile. The program includes a disk cleanup utility that allows you to delete the files containing the console changes.


DHCP Console for Windows 10