Download Gigant 9.0

Gigant is an intuitive Checkers program that lets you enjoy your game on the computer. You can even play your games on multiple computers when you save the portable application on a USB storage device like a flash disc.

The game provides different play modes. For example, you can play with another person or against the computer. You can also let the computer play against itself as you enjoy watching and learning from its moves.

Alternatively, you may choose tournament mode, which does not allow cheating and switches off the timer. The tournament mode also involves a human playing against the computer. The last option gives you the opportunity to set up positions on the checker board. You can set the minimum time you want to elapse for the computer to make its move.

You can also specify certain rules for your game, such as the variant, style, the number of men on the checker board and whether to start playing with the whites or blacks. The timer starts ticking off as soon as you start playing.

The program will warn you when there are about 10 moves for the game to end, and it will keep giving warnings after each move until the game ends. You can save the details of the current game in text format. When you open the saved file from the “Game” menu, the program displays the game’s variant and opens the game at the stage where you save it.

The “Options” menu allows you to enable sound, display coordinates, toolbar, the number of moves and the message “the game ends.” You may also reverse the board or display its mirror version. You can as well set the language and analyze the game. Some of these functions are also available via dedicated buttons on the toolbar.


Download Gigant 9.0