Download SSuite Agnot StrongBox 2.0

Download SSuite Agnot StrongBox 2.0

There is no doubt that you have some things on your computer that you would like to protect from prying eyes. You can use SSuite Agnot StrongBox to secure all types of files, whether they are documents or even text messages. The free encryption software bundle includes Picsel Security and FileShredder to ensure your complete privacy.

Using SSuite Agnot StrongBox

We downloaded and extracted the bundled files to our preferred destination from where we ran SSuite Agnot StrongBox because it was a portable application. When we launched the program, it displayed a user-friendly graphical interface that gave us several options to secure our files or any text we wanted to protect.

There were two drop-down lists for selecting cipher algorithm and mode respectively. We could select from among 19 different cipher algorithms, including Blowfish, Cast-256, Rijndael (AES), serpent and TEA. We also had five cipher modes to choose from. When we selected either a cipher algorithm or cipher mode, the software displayed a brief description below it.

We then entered our desired password, and the program automatically updated the number of characters entered as we typed. We could also let the free encryption software create a unique and powerful password for us. We simply clicked the “Create Unique Password” button and the program immediately filled the password text box with a unique password based on the selected cipher algorithm and mode. Below the password text box were buttons for printing, copying or viewing the created password properly.

We then selected the file or document we wanted to protect and the destination folder. The program selected the source folder as the destination by default, but we could select any other folder. In addition, it also automatically entered the file’s MD5 hash. The last two sections were for the MD5 hash numbers of the encrypted and decrypted files respectively. All we had to do for the program to complete the process was click the “Encrypt” button.

The software bundle includes two other important security applications. The FileShredder deletes selected files and writes random data over their space 35 times to ensure they cannot be retrieved. On the other hand, Picsel Security is useful in protecting selected pictures.


SSuite Agnot StrongBox is a handy tool for ensuring the safety of your sensitive files. You can use it to protect any type of file with a strong and unique password. Please note that the application creates a new encrypted file without deleting the original one, and it changes the extension. It does the same with decrypted files. Once you have determined that everything is all right with the new file, you can proceed to remove the original.


Download SSuite Agnot StrongBox 2.0