With the increasing speeds of Internet connections, people usually watch online videos and even download them for later viewing. If the video files are not fully downloaded, they are usually stored in the Web browser’s cache where it is difficult to access, let alone play, them. Luckily, you can use VideoCacheView to access the files and save them in a playable format. The handy utility is also useful in finding and saving videos played online. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer and different Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox.

Using VideoCacheView

We extracted the three files downloaded in a zip archive and saved them on a specified folder from where we launched the application directly. That meant it did not interfere with our systems registry.

The lightweight application presented us with a simple user interface displaying easily recognizable icons. However, the makers did not assume that every user would know what the icons meant, so they included explanations showing what the icons did. If we wanted to view corresponding information, we just needed to place the cursor on an icon.

When we launched VideoCacheView, it automatically scanned our browser’s cache and listed the relevant files it found. It displayed the number of video files found on the lower left corner of its window.

We got various details about the files, including their filenames, full-path file names, titles, cache type, dates of last access and modification, file sizes, copy names and split files count. We could use any of these details to sort the files for easier handling. The application also displayed our IP address.

It allowed us to copy selected files and save them into our desired folder so we could watch them whenever we wanted without going online.


VideoCacheView is a handy application for saving video files stored in the cache of a Web browser, making them accessible even without an Internet connection. The configurable application lets you specify the types of files you are looking for, which is important if it finds many items. It is a lightweight application that uses minimal system resources.


Download VideoCacheView 2.95