The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a huge open RPG should not be underestimated, even after five years for the first time released. The world is overwhelmingly huge, full of killing monsters, quests, dungeon raids, and beautiful scenery. The Skyrim Special Edition improves visuals so that jumps to the 64-bit architecture, resulting in a slightly more beautiful, and more stable version of the game than the original. Bethesda, unfortunately, the game developers, make any changes to the game, interface, or speech, so the same unreliable AI, wooden npc, ridiculous animation also appears in this game. More complex, the 64-bit jump means that many complex, more plug-ins created for the original version do not work in the Skyrim Special Edition, giving PC gamers a base for basically a nice game version.

  • Pros

    Offers dozens of hours of open-world adventuring. Includes previously released DLC. Boasts improved stability and subtle graphics improvements. Satisfying RPG development systems. Lore-heavy universe is immersive and fascinating.

  • Cons

    Too much handholding. Skyrim Special Edition doesn’t offer anything PC players didn’t already have via the modding community. 64-bit support limits mod accessibility, crippling the greatest appeal for playing Skyrim on PC.

  • Bottom Line

    Skyrim is still a rock-solid RPG that’s worth purchasing if you missed vanilla Skyrim. That said, if you already own and mod the original game, Skyrim Special Edition has nothing fresh to offer.