Fort – Cryptography Extension 1.4

Fort - Cryptography Extension 1.4

Did you know that your privacy is your basic human right? How seriously do you take your privacy in todays connected world? Perhaps you may reason that you have nothing to hide in your documents, but leaving them unprotected can easily sacrifice your privacy. This is why you need to take data encryption and cryptography seriously.

Fort is a simple but effective cryptography extension for Windows, which allows you to encrypt or decrypt files right from the File Explorer. The open source cryptography software integrates itself to the Explorer, allowing you to use the context menu to easily protect files with passwords.

In addition to protecting the files stored on your computer, you can use the program to encrypt files in such cloud services as Dropbox and OneDrive. This is important considering that different entities can actually access the files stored in the cloud, including the companies offering the services, advertisers, intelligence agencies and even crackers. Your privacy is especially at risk when you use the apparently free services.

Fort protects your documents using AES with 256-bit keys. The intelligent software can detect if someone has tampered with your documents, and it supports on-screen keyboard to prevent keylogging. When you enter a pass-phrase, the program will let you see its strength so you can adjust it if it is relatively weak.

The program allows you to back up your files before encrypting them. The lightweight software is easy to install and use.

Remember that privacy does not necessarily mean hiding something but the ability to have control on how you present yourself to the world. It encompasses your personal dignity.

Fort supports all types of files. You can use it in either 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Windows Vista or later operating system. Please note that the software is designed to encrypt individual files instead of folders or drives. It can handle a file of any size.

What´s New in version 1.4:

  • An option to verify passphrase when encrypting (disabled by default)
  • Full support for translations. Available languages included now: English, Finnish and Brazil
  • Fixed a bug where settings where not preserved after machine reboot
  • Several very minor bug fixes