Free game download: The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief

The very organized thief is obviously a hidden object of the game. At least in appearance, because in addition it offers an independent game full of constant challenge stealth. It has enjoyed more than 3 million players, you will become the next fall?

Rob as if there were no tomorrow

The Very Organized Thief puts you in the shoes of a burglar. As such, your goal is to enter a home and take all the owners valuables. This isn’t just a supermarket sweep however, because you have a list of specific of objects that you must find around the house.

Already have them all? Great, now safely get out of the house to complete your mission. You still do not have that damn box or jewel? Well then be quick, because the homeowners can appear at any time and catch you in the act.

Keep it quiet

You see, The Very Organized Thief combines the typical gameplay of a hidden object game with the stealth gameplay of a FNAF game: you can use the objects in the environment (walls, cabinets, etc.) to hide if the homeowners appear.

In this sense The Very Organized Thief’s tension is always high. Moreover, while you may finish the game quickly – in less than half an hour you can dismantle a house – there is a lot to replay, because objects always change and appear in new places.

While its very playable, The Very Organized Thief’s greatest disappointment is its graphics. An overly polygonal look makes it seem like a game from the 90s but without that retro indie style. Still, it is free – it’s not like you had to steal it.

Stealing is fun

Very Organized Thief are free, very interesting and can be copied. If you can look past the graphics then this is where you can spend a few hours into the house and emptying.