Free Stix 3.1.1

Stix is an engaging general puzzle game that, as its name suggests, makes use of sticks. The game features multiple levels, each of which is composed of sticks joined to one another using fragile connections.

Your task is to break these connections by traveling over them several times. When you travel back and forth over a connection, the connecting stick will eventually break free from the others and get destroyed.

The game is not as simple as it sounds. As you travel back and forth, you must watch out against destroying the stick you are traveling over. If the stick is destroyed, the remaining structure will turn into your grave. Considering the delicate nature of the connections, a single mistake can lead to the destruction of the stick supporting you and collapse of the whole structure.

At the same time, you have to watch out against aliens that keep patrolling around. The aliens will kill you as soon as they touch you.

Depending on your skill level or current state of mind, you may configure the game to play without the aliens. While you will not require fast reflexes in such a situation, the game will still remain challenging. You will exercise your brain irrespective of the mode you choose.

You proceed to the next level when you destroy the entire structure in the current level without getting killed. The game automatically saves your progress when you exit, giving you the opportunity to resume your play later.


Free Stix 3.1.1