You’ll have to send your personal data through a number of applications on the computer on the network without you know be shocked. GlassWire is a security software to help monitor network activity suspicious activity to protect your privacy and security. Once suspicious activity is detected and built-in firewall can prevent management tools GlassWire’s potential threat. GlassWire visualized in an easy-to-use graphical all network activity.

Network Monitor – view the real-time network activity monitor which sends data and host data sent. Network Monitor also shows the previous network activity, business types, suspicious domain names and IP addresses, system files change, and so on.

Free firewall – GlassWire offer free firewall to block any application access to the Internet. There are arguments that the current program access to the Internet, and has access to the Internet before the procedure.

Using labels – usage label is a convenient feature that allows you to monitor bandwidth usage. It provides detailed information to enable you to determine which applications are using excessive bandwidth, host Dangdang connection and traffic types.

GlassWire 1.1.36 Beta  Download