ImBatch 4.7.1

While ImBatch is not the only batch image converter available, it has features that make it unique. Its “Task Structure” makes it even easier to work on multiple images simultaneously. Users can create their own processing sequences to achieve exactly what they want by combining several tasks.

Using ImBatch

ImBatch has a simple user interface that makes it easy to add tasks, select necessary options or remove tasks. The interface is divided into three areas: task area, working area and toolbar area on the right, left and top respectively.

You can either drag and drop images on the working area or use a special button to add all images at once. You can then display the Preview area by pressing the “eye” button, which allows you to see all the changes you make. The Task area gives you 18 tasks from which you can choose the ones you want. You can select several tasks to adjust all the images simultaneously.

We loved the ease with which ImBatch allowed us to change images. We just needed to select the processing options we wanted and click a button to apply all of them at once. We could combine several tasks, change their order to suit our own preferences, turn them either on or off and hide unnecessary task parameters among others.

Such an apparently simple task as resizing images can become tedious and boring if you are handling many images. ImBatch acts as a batch image resizer that allows you to resize all desired images in a single operation. You can set image size in inches, centimeters or millimeters and choose required DPI value.

The program also allows such basic image editing functions as adding soft shadow, making round corners, converting colors, setting or removing EXIF/IPTC tags, adding watermark and adjusting brightness, contrast and sharpness.

The “Live Preview” feature allowed us to see the images processed in real time. The preview window automatically updated whenever we made any adjustments.

We could save tasks as BSV files and load them later to continue working on them. We integrated ImBatch commands to the Windows context menu, which allowed us to process images in saved tasks straight from Windows Explorer.

In addition to adjusting images, the batch image converter allows you to save the images as PDF files.


ImBatch is a small program that performs many tasks. If you want to work on many images, then it will allow you to accomplish tasks by making only a few mouse clicks and letting it do the rest. The program is compatible with all popular image formats, and it comes with three official plugins that allow it to support even more formats.


ImBatch 4.7.1