KeePass Password Safe 2.32

Online password security is a serious issue that should not be taken for granted. You need to choose strong passwords that combine numbers and letters, both lower and upper case. You should also maintain a different password for each online account you have. However, managing all these passwords can prove challenging if you want to remember all of them and maintain your security. With KeePass, you only need to choose one strong master key to manage all your passwords in a single database. This free password manager takes a different approach than many password managers in the market, which capture and replay credentials. However, the program can log into websites and handle application passwords.

When you initially create a database of passwords, you may use a specific file as your encryption key or create a strong master password. You may also use both options for even better security. Other interesting features include:

No need of installation (portable version)
Easy transfer of databases
Search and sort
Entry Attachments and Entry Fields
Compatible with Password Groups
Import from many file formats
Export to different file formats, including XML, CSV, HTML and TXT
Plugin Architecture
Random password generator
Drag and drop
Auto type

KeePass uses a 256-bit secure one-way encryption algorithm known as SHA-256. No attacks have yet been reported about this algorithm. The program encrypts the whole database unlike other managers that only encrypt password fields.

How KeePass Works

We liked the portability of this free password manager, which allowed us to keep it on a USB drive that we could use on different computers. Don’t worry if you do not intend to use the software on any other computer because you can lock your database to your active Windows account.

There is still concern about different tracking tools, particularly keyloggers, in spite of the use of password managers. Fortunately, KeePass has a secure desktop option that suppresses other processes when it displays the master key entry dialog. It also makes it difficult for keyloggers to follow what’s typed by automatically pasting passwords using clipboard obfuscation and virtual keystrokes.

Since we have been using other password managers, we were pleased that KeePass could import from more than 30 password managers. In addition, the software allowed us to indirectly import from incompatible managers by exporting to a compatible file format and then importing the file to KeePass. If you choose this option, you must securely delete the file afterward to maintain your security.

We also used the program’s password generator to create a very strong password that no one could possibly guess.


KeePass Password Safe 2.32