Mastermind WinLogic 2.0

Would you like to be able to combine different facts easily and develop tenacity, brightness and logical thinking? Then consider playing Mastermind WinLogic, an intuitive game that will help you get smarter as you enjoy the learning process, which doesn´t even appear like learning. The logic game features different levels that suit different age groups. The game´s simple settings make it ideal even for relatively young children.

Basically, what you need to accomplish in the game is to align individual cubes in the right order with the ones hidden within the results area. Some of the cubes are numbered while others have different colors. The game allows you to record your score and the time you take, which you can save for later use. The records you save include illustrations of the solutions.

The latest version features a new game type, known as Chaos, so you can now play three different types of games: Training, Classic and Chaos. The simplest setting features five positions and 11 cubes while the hardest features eight positions and 25 cubes, with the possibility of having up to 152,587,890,625 possible variations. This means if your computer can generate 1000 lines per second, you will still take about five years to display all the possible lines!

You can have between two and eight choice searched positions and from two to 25 choice searched cubes in a game. In addition to having grey, colored and combined cubes, the game features some cubes with numbers, with the numbering beginning from zero. Please note that some positions are empty, allowing you to move the cubes around as you arrange them in the right order.

The logic game is designed for two players, and you can play either with a colleague or against the computer.

Mastermind GameLogic is a portable game that you play directly from where you save it. It will not modify your Windows registry. The software is compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows XP. The game is available in English, Slovak and Czech.

You will never complain about memory failure when you play Mastermind WinLogic.

Mastermind WinLogic 2.0