The MotoGP Championship is decided at your home


The World Motorcycle Championship is here and you can revisit the great Catalan Award with Valentino Rossi and Mark Marquez three-lap full-speed racially powerful MotoGP motorcycles, MotoGP 13 demo.

Great realism for the official motorcycling game

One of the most outstanding characteristics of MotoGP 13, which you can see on the demo, is the great realism that the game has been endowed with. Although the options are adjustable so everyone can fully enjoy the race, the most demanding players will find the difference between using the front brake on the motorcycle, the one that really reduces speed, and the back brake, which corrects trajectories.


The same can be said of the way the motorcycle behaves on asphalt, or the fact that there are realistic damages and even wear on the tyres, a characteristic that has often played a nasty trick to some riders in the most demanding races. In this MotoGP 13 demo you can experience what happens when you overdo the braking and end up on the ground.


Very good control of the motorcycle

In MotoGP 13, besides being able to use the front and back brakes separately, it must also be said that the motorcycle responds to our controls really well, although it must also be mentioned that it is advisable to use a gamepad rather than the keyboard, especially when you are countersteering the motorcycle at the curves, which is something really complicated to do with a keyboard.

In MotoGP 13, the graphic representation of the racers is excellent. You can appreciate details about the racers’ different outfits as well as some animations of them celebrating victories, with real racer gestures. However, in the case of circuits the graphics are not so good, because when you increase the resolution the Catalunya circuit looks “flat” and with hardly any textures.

An important detail is that the game is in Castilian Spanish, and uses the official voices of commentators from the Tele 5 TV channel.

MotoGP 13 is a promising game

No doubt, MotoGP 13 is a promising game. In this demo it offers you a brief moment of the excitement that racers live in each race and each curve they turn. But we do hope that in the final version of MotoGP 13 the quality of the circuit will be a lot better than it is in this game.