Moving Single Player Download Games From Glyph To Steam

How do you move my single player download games from Glyph to Steam?

Should you bought any single player download games from Glyph, you ought to have received an e-mail by having an activation code for every game you bought. If you didn’t receive this email, please . After you have your secrets, you will need to activate them on Steam. You’ll find steps for initiating your game via Steam here.

Should you bought Amphora from Glyph, you rather received a Humble Bundle link. Click that connect to automatically get to the standard Bundle page where one can download the overall game or redeem a Steam key. Further steps on this is often found here.


How do you migrate my save games to Steam?


First you will need to redeem your Steam key and install Tower of Guns to produce the folder path for the save game.

Open Home windows Explorer and navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Glyph/TowerofGuns/Binaries/Win32 and look for the file named gamestate.bin

Copy this file after which navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/TowerofGuns/Binaries/Win32

Paste the file within this folder which should bring over your save file.

Note, you may also copy the optionstate.bin file too if you wish to bring over your configurations and keybindings.

OTHER GLYPH Game titles:

Should you own the other following Glyph game titles, all that you should do is un-install the overall game from Glyph and re-install it and launch it via Steam as well as your save games is going to be ported over instantly.

Banner Saga

Bard’s Tale

Book of Unwritten Tales

Animal Stories

Shadow Puppeteer

The Raven


Wasteland 2