New Downloading Q-Dir 6.35

Q-Dir is a versatile application for managing folders and files using the Quadro-View technique. It provides simple and quick access to hard drives, network folders and different types if USB storage media. It provides multiple views in the same application window and saves you many hand moves.

Although the file manager is based on Microsoft Windows Explorer, you can divide it into four panels. The navigation buttons are on the upper toolbar while the remaining features are accessed below the file menu.

The application comes with preset layouts you can choose from, and you may resize them depending on your needs and preferences. You can also open several tabs at the same time, and you may enable tree view in each panel.

The file manager has preview filter settings, which you may adjust via the Extras menu under More Options. It is compatible with such formats as system, network, cabinet, FTP and ZIP folders. You can use asterisks to view all possible formats. If you want fast access to the folders you use most often, then add them to Favorites.

The Color Filter allows you to select different colors for different types of items while the File Filter allows you to filter items quickly. Quick Link’s also allows you to access folders quickly.

You can choose different views, including thumbnail, tiles, details, list and large icons. In addition, you can magnify anything displayed on the screen. You may also choose a theme that makes the application blend in with your desktop. However, the file manager does not allow you to create your own themes.

Q-Dir is a free file manager even though you will see a license screen when you launch it for the first time. You may choose either an installer or a portable version.



New Downloading Q-Dir 6.35