New Game: Net.Tarot 2.9

Net.Tarot is a challenging trick-taking card cross-platform game that requires four players, and use the traditional 78 Tarot deck.

Net.Tarot provides multiplayer support and is compatible with numerous mobile and desktop platforms. In addition, Net.Tarot comes with robots that will test your gaming skills.

The game is localised in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Current development has been focused on the multiplayer part of the game, which means that everything has been done to ease human players to reach each others.

For instance, a game hosted and running from a PC can be joined by anyone on any type of device, from computers to smartphones!! Ive also added Robots for single play and they are playing quite well for a first implementation and for a future update, ive got plans for better robots using a neuron network that will be able to play as professionals!

Of course, there are many more features to come such as support more platforms like IOS, Samsung Bada, WebOS, Mac OSX and so on… But also a landscape mode for mobile devices, online ranking system, better robots and more, of course all updates and new stuff will depend on your interest and support for Net.Tarot.

New Game: Net.Tarot 2.9