New Introducing CheatBook-DataBase 2016

If you enjoy playing different types of games and would like a comprehensive resource for important hints and walkthroughs to help you survive to succeeding levels, then try CheatBook DataBase 2016 and you will not be disappointed. The free encyclopedia of game cheats makes cheats and hints for games played on different devices and platforms, including PCs, Nintendo, Playstation, N-Gage, DVD, Sega, iPhone, Wii, PSP and Xbox.

The new database of game cheats still listed games on a pane on the left of the user interface, but it had several additions to the previous version, which we will look into shortly. The game included more than 23,100 hints and cheats for the latest popular games. However, locating the cheats we wanted was a breeze.

First of all, the games were arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy to find the title we wanted. In addition, the software featured a search bar that allowed us to locate the title we wanted even faster. We simply typed its name, and the program jumped straight to its location. We did not have to type the entire title since the intuitive program refreshed the display with relevant titles in real time as we typed. The new search engine made it more convenient and faster to locate desired titles.

CheatBook DataBase 2016 added console cheats, and we could choose from among 21 different consoles.

When we selected a title, the software displayed its cheats on the main pane on the right for easy viewing. The program included convenient buttons for printing or saving the information, which was handy considering that we could add some details to given sections.

In the latest release of CheatBook DataBase, we found it relatively easy and comfortable to add individual cheats. We could also edit existing cheats with relative ease. In addition, we could store images and other types of files. The program also allowed us to import our old databases.

CheatBook DataBase 2016 is a comprehensive encyclopedia for game hints, cheats and walkthroughs that will help you get more weapons to survive to the next level. The freeware gives you access to over 23,100 hints, cheats and walkthroughs for games in all genres, and it focuses especially on the latest releases.
Software Product Description

CheatBook-DataBase 2016 is a freeware “cheat-code tracker” that makes hints and cheats for popular PC and console games.


New Introducing CheatBook-DataBase 2016