New Motorsport Manager GT Series DLC pack releasing on February 22

Motorsport Manager new GT series DLC pack on February 22

The management fleet may not be so exciting to the steering wheel, but some people get them kicked out to build a successful team instead of putting a steering wheel. They may have already playing Motorsport Manager, just announced a new GT series DLC release date on February 22nd.

The new GT series DLC introduces two new racing series – the GT Challenger Series and the International GT Championship. With all the new teams coming to drivers and employees, although they are all fictitious, just like the game base.

GT series if you are not aware of in the real world, this is the latest form of racing using the Energy Recovery System (ERS); basically braking when the energy is stored in the battery, used as a stimulus for a Mario Racing system. This can be used for both modes. Mixed fuel-efficient whole races, making pit strategies more complex, or power patterns for short-term fluctuations when you need to blast the driver in advance.

As well as the introduction of people, DLC comes with an improved simulation system to better reflect the performance of the real world racing car. This covers a range of areas, from the brakes and turns, always important tire wear, in many games is often the decisive factor. AI has also changed, a few laps in the tightening package to see the drivers crowded together, they are scattered before the game, like a real deal.

There is also a new ballast system training, so if your driver has been addicted to the Big Mac, it can have a huge impact on the car setting up the real game. Also added a three-level qualification, making it harder to enter the final, the appropriate race.

Contest managers can expect to think about new teams and competitive strategies to ensure their drivers, checkered flag. There is no price on the steam shop page, but even if you do not buy it, expect some improvements to the basic game itself, such as custom uniforms and car uniforms.