New Notebook PEA 0.1

Have you ever considered the fact that such an apparently simple thing as an unsecured text file can lead to the compromise of your security? Therefore, it´s important to use a program that can encrypt your text files. While there are many programs you can use to do this, a frighteningly high number give a false sense of security. Such programs use outdated encryption standards that rarely observe the key derivation function. This is why you should consider using Notebook PEA.

The simple text editor uses Cotena-Dragonfly for the default key derivation function. Cotena-Dragonfly was one of the highly recognized encryption programs during the 2015 Password Hashing Competition. The program also uses the EAX authenticated encryption mode that provides authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of your secured text. It employs HKDF for the initial hash and key expansion.

The program never stores unencrypted text on the hard disk unless you intentionally choose to do so. Plain text only exists in the Random Access Memory (RAM), which means it gets deleted whenever the computer loses power either accidentally or when you switch it off.

Notebook PEA handles text in Rich Text Format and gives you the ability to perform such editing functions as cut, copy, paste, undo and redo.

You have to initialize Notebook PEA the first time you run it, whereby you will need to specify your password and the location for saving encrypted files. You will have to use this password whenever you want to access the encrypted files.


New Notebook PEA 0.1