System and network administrators as well as other security experts may spend many hours performing crucial but complex operations. However, Pandora White Box turns you into a security expert who can resolve various issues quickly. The small utility is a toolbox containing more than 15 tools for performing various network-related tasks.

Using Pandora White Box

We installed Pandora White Box quickly and easily, and the installer gave us the option to launch the program immediately. It featured an almost bare user interface that was as white as its name. It only displayed the name and three menu items on the upper left part of the window.

Clicking the Commands menu gave us access to all its various tools, some of which we could launch immediately while others featured warnings.

The Ping utility let us send ping packets by inputting destination hostname, IP address or domain. It displayed a tick if the packet was sent successfully and an X when it failed. The Whois tool allowed us to get more information about websites using their URLs. The details we received included server name, registrar, Whois server and referral URL.

We could use the Remote Hostname/IP tool to determine a computer´s name if we knew its IP address or vice versa. We could also view websites´ source codes.

In addition to performing relatively simple operations, Pandora White Box enabled us to employ some complex algorithms to scan websites for vulnerabilities for such attacks as CGI-BIN and SQL injection techniques. The program displayed the detected vulnerability in red color. We could also scan for the HeartBleed vulnerability.

Other functions we could perform included:

  • Detecting malicious files
  • Encrypting and decrypting files
  • Scanning both single and multiple ports
  • Checking remote server name and version
  • Authenticating emails

The program also gave us quick access to various system utilities, including system properties, network properties, firewall, user account management, command prompt and services among others.


Pandora White Box is a handy toolbox for performing regular maintenance work. It includes over 15 tools for performing both simple and complex tasks without the need for advanced technical skills.


Pandora White Box 8.0