‘Pokemon Go’ is finally getting the features you’ve been asking for since day one


Pokemon Go update in 2016 to become a cultural phenomenon though is an extremely profitable experience with almost all the Pokemon game fun. The two most obvious omission is certainly not real time to fight anyone, completely lacking Pokemon trade. Now, eight months later, the app store in the world, the game finally features should really be on the first day.

Founder and chief executive John Hank Pokemon to develop Naantike, recently revealed in an interview, the current transaction and the player’s fight against the players are in progress, although they may first appear in what he said ” An abbreviated form. “Add to” soon “.

Hank also revealed that postponing the implementation of the features was largely due to the large-scale server problems of the company’s experienced Pokemon shortly after the launch. Players on the day of sale know how to completely break the game is for many people, many days. Hank said that if the company did not end up in the case of controlling the server, one of the upcoming features may already be in the game.

“It will be done soon,” Hank told the road signs. “It is what it is.I want to hysterical great tide, we enjoy that dealing with this fact is causing us to take longer to get the rest of the character.We are really happy to let our customers be satisfied.”