Pokémon Go’s Valentine’s Event Isn’t What The Game Needs

Pokemon Go

For a moment I asked you to take a deep breath and reflect on the unsolved mysteries of the gaming industry. Half-Life 3 Where? Who is Wario, Really? Pokemon Why not go to the developers to increase the game so urgently needed function?

Well, this is a little crazy. On the last day, all four of YouTube’s Big Pokemon go complaining about the lack of channels the game could mean for the channel. Pokemon’s new, coy Valentine’s Day activity is not too much fuel added to the phone game that has been pulled out of the fire.

Today, Pokemon goes to “spread love” new and transcendental ordinary events: “The player will get twice the amount of candy to capture when hatching and shifting the Pokemon while the Buddy Pokemon will find twice as much sweat as the candy. Oh, okay! A new update is not an increase in deals or the complete second generation Pokemon. It is also not any sport shoes that have been required since July, like a work tracker or a more developed fitness system or PvP mode. No Pokemon is getting a hat!

Pink Pokemon likes Chansey, Clefable and Porygon (not even pink) during the event will increase spawning rate. The bait worked six hours instead of 30 minutes because of the heart and flash and love, feeling that this game did not inspire the wave of my thought control since the summer of 2016.

Honestly, at this point, every piece of news from this game is getting more and more disappointing. Pokemon, you are a mystery. With every broken tracker, every server issue, every incompetent introduction of new content or corporate sponsorship or some dull event, I would like to know how a virus, free, nostalgic game continues to miss Mark Bank significantly? Are here, but it is not, apparently not yet, here we are.

I like the popularity of the game’s recovery. The summer of 2016 brought random, joyous encounters with strangers and new discoveries of my childhood and New York community consciousness. I finally shared a game with non-gaming friends. Really very special. So why do not we get the features and events that really revitalize the base – or at least satisfy the frustrated players?