The Most Popular PC Game Online 2017


Prey is a promising sci-fi horror video game with a very strange pedigree. Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios struggled for years to produce a Prey 2, the sequel to Human Head Studios’ original 2006 Prey game for the PC and Xbox 360. That was never finished, but Bethesda decided to give the name to Dishonored$19.99 at Amazon developer Arkane Studios for something completely different. The new Prey for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One looks and feels more like the classic System Shock than anything previously released or developed under the Prey name. That’s fine by me, and it should be good news for any fan of tense sci-fi.

Welcome to Talos-1

You play Morgan, the scientist is ready to send to the Talos-1 space station around the moon. It seems to be a peaceful research mission to TranStar. Long tutorial short, Morgan at Talos-1 end, everything is not good. Space station with alien alien infestation, no human, in his memory and Morgan big hole, to prevent him from knowing what happened.

I only see the first area Talos-1, multi-storey lobby and office space. It is an impressive visual design and functional environment that is clearly felt like living and breathing the workplace. Meeting rooms, laboratories and offices are full of small details, increasing the sense of reality. The rooms and corridors are naturally laid out, and each workspace is filled with messy to give a vivid space that is cleared out of hurry.

In my test play, never feel the artificial obstacle, locked the door and the roadblocks put a greater challenge to overcome more than any wall forced me to give up. I found what I needed was not the original key card in a meaningful place in an office environment, and the detours gave me some different options for exploring.


First-Person Tension

Prey is played entirely in first-person, using deliberate action thriller mechanics similar to those seen in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided$59.99 at Amazon and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard$59.99 at Amazon. You explore Talos-1 while being menaced by shapeshifting Mimics, larger Phantoms, and other aliens out to kill you. The environments are strewn with objects you can interact with or take. To get through the different areas of the space station, you need to seek out keycards, passwords, and shortcuts around obstructions.

As Morgan, you can put up a decent fight against attacking aliens, but you aren’t a soldier. You can swing a mean wrench, but each swing uses up stamina from a limited, constantly recharging meter. There are conventional and unconventional firearms to help you fight off aliens, including a pistol, a shotgun, and a “GLOO Cannon” that covers enemies in a hardening foam. Ammunition is very limited, so you have to be careful not to waste your shots. The limited resources and Morgan’s modest fighting capability mean you can’t just run around fighting off everything you see; you need to pick your battles.


I encountered two enemy types: Mimics and Phantoms. Mimics are shapeshifting aliens that move and attack similarly to the head crabs in the Half-Life series. They can disguise themselves as nearly any physics-based object in a room, such as a mug, a lamp, or a chair. This makes them very good at sneaking up on you, and gives the game itself an excellent excuse for any physics glitches: If a lamp or a mug suddenly freaks out and jumps on the floor, it might be an alien bug instead of a software one. Phantoms are larger, humanoid, and much more durable than Mimics. I didn’t see Phantoms shapeshift, but considering they took several gunshots each to kill, they posed a much more direct threat.

You can upgrade your abilities using Neuromods, rare items that work similarly to Deus Ex’s Praxis Kits. Each Neuromod gives you a point you can use to enhance your abilities in Security, Engineering, or Science. Security Neuromods might include your ability handle guns, while Science Neuromods let you hack computers up to a certain security level. This flexibility in character development lets you approach the same problem from multiple angles. If you have the right Engineering Neuromods you might be able to repair a switch to open a door, while a strength-based Security Neuromod will let you move an obstruction that otherwise wouldn’t budge.


System Shock Cyberpunk

There is no new prey like a prey 2 game, in the development or primitive prey. On the contrary, the prey is the most systematic unbalanced game system impact 2 since I was touched. The biochemical Jones system is considered a spiritual successor to impact the game, but the prey can be seen as an equally effective guide.

All the elements here are the system impact game. You are trapped in an abandoned space station that looks like an alien attack. You use a cybernetical upgrade to enhance your ability to include types of objects that can be attacked and open. Get a variety of weapons and tools, but the resources are limited. A mysterious voice will guide you through the start of saving your life. You are even waking up with a form of forgetting. Missing is a kind of exaggerated mad AI; one of them, this will only be a system impact. I only play the first hour, so later there may be an evil computer game.

This is not bad, please note. System Shock Games are some of the best sci-fi horror games that they have been notified from biochemical stars alien: isolation. Dedicated to the system impact is quite popular, if done well, and the prey seems to do well well. Tense, Chaos, and Strange Story, What a little Talos-1 I’ve seen a lot of detail and elaborate design. Even if SHODAN is not a bad prey, it still feels like a faithful and satisfying nod to my castle and von Braun. I’m looking to see the whole Talos-1, better alien photos and find out just what happened to Morgan. We will get the answer when the prey appears on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox May 5. Individuals will have a comprehensive check on the release date of the game.