internet security

Your computer need to be protected, so that’s why you need these software.

internet security
The best way to determine how well a program will work on your computer while protecting against internet threats are AV-Test results. AV-Test is an independent organization that tests antivirus software and internet security systems consistently, taking into account how often the software detects and destroys threats, how easy it is to use, and if it causes any performance issues with your computer while it is running, such as making applications run slower.

Here are a few of the top-notch programs, along with the tools and features that make them some of the best internet security suites available. Each scored very high on the AV-Test.


Bitdefender earns consistently perfect scores on the AV-Test and is listed as a top product for protecting against internet threats on your home computer. It is the most comprehensive internet security suite we have reviewed and very easy to use, since it uses a single account for all aspects of the program rather than requiring a different dashboard for each individual feature. It has specific tools for monitoring social media networks, online gaming and internet activity.

As part of your annual subscription fee, you are entitled to any updates to the Bitdefender program, which is important as new threats are recognized. However, any patches or changes to the program do not automatically update; rather, the software notifies you of the updates and requires you to approve the download and installation of them yourself.


This internet protection program scores very high on the AV-Test, tying with Bitdefender with perfect scores in both protection and usability and scoring only half a point lower in performance. This program slows down your computer a little more than Bitdefender, but you won’t notice a substantial difference while using most applications.

Kaspersky has many of the same tools as Bitdefender, and it extends this protection to mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Kaspersky is also a great internet security solution for small businesses’ offices. Kaspersky scores a bit higher than Bitdefender in all three AV-Test areas for its small business internet security suite.


Unlike the other two internet security solutions, McAfee is compatible with Mac. Like Kaspersky, it extends to devices beyond computers and laptops, including cell phones and tablets. McAfee scores really high in performance and perfectly in usability, since it is very easy to install and operate. However, it does have a harder time detecting new and more advanced threats, so it scored lower than the other two in AV-Test’s protection tests. McAfee includes parental controls that let you block and filter internet content from being accessed by your children and lets you place time limits so their internet access is restricted during certain times of the day.

Internet security has many components that work together to secure and protect your computer, both at home and in the office. You can purchase each piece separately, but you get more protection and easier use when you purchase a top-notch internet protection suite.