Reviewing BYOND 509.1319

If you enjoy playing online games and would even like to create your own, then BYOND is the right platform for you. This is a premier community that gives you the opportunity to make and play online multiplayer games. The term is an acronym meaning “Build Your Own Net Dream” because it not only allows you to play games designed by people like you but also gives you the unique chance to become a game developer.

The platform provides both a gaming community and gaming engine. You will have a complete system for creating, publishing and playing games. The software suite is specially designed for creating and playing online multiplayer games, and it features a large collection of retro style and classic games.

BYOND provides a large collection of tools for creating multiplayer games, and the coding language used does not require a steep learning curve. The DM language is easy to learn and allows you to easily design online multiplayer games. You will also enjoy the built-in online support and have access to many tutorials and other helpful articles. You will quickly learn the ropes even if you are new to game development or programming in general.

The software suite integrates different programs geared towards developers, players and hosts. The single package contains game development tools, a game distribution platform and game hosting tools. Each of the programs is designed to perform a specific function:

  • Dream Maker is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes a versatile compiler with its own set of tools
  • Dream Seeker provides the platform for playing games both online and offline
  • Dream Daemon provides a hosting platform for online games

Reviewing BYOND 509.1319