Tunngle 5.8.6

Tunngle is a revolutionary gameĀ  peer to peer VPN solution that delivers the best online entertainment experience.

Skip the troubleshooting work and focus on the entertainment. Tunngle virtual networks are the ideal place to play PC games with your friends over the internet, while enjoying all the commodities of a Local Area Network party.


  • Own Tunngle-Community [more]
  • LAN function for all Network-Games and Programs [more]
  • Public Networks with up to 255 slots [more]
  • Private Basic Networks [more]
  • Personal Tunngle nickname [more]
  • Highest possible gaming performance [more]
  • Integrated Messenger [more]
  • Chat function [more]
  • Network Search [more]
  • Network Browser [more]
  • Network Favorites [more]
  • B- and C-Class Emulator [more]
  • Tunngle-Shares [more]
  • Tunngle-FollowMe [more]
  • Tunngle-Websignature [more]
  • Dynamic Tunngle IP [more]
  • Mini-Firewall [more]
  • Autojoin [more]
  • File transfer data compression [more]
  • Secure key transfer using RSA 2048bit [more]
  • Secure 256bit AES encryption [more]
  • Full skinable surface [more]
  • Tunngle API [more]

Tunngle connections are anonymous and highly encrypted allowing the secure usage of all the provided services. Nobody except for the recipient will be able to see the type and the contents of your connections. You will safely enjoy the best entertainment experience under the Tunngle protective shield.


Tunngle 5.8.6