RingID 3.1.6 Messaging Software Download

RingID 3.1.6 Messaging Software Download


If you want a unified social networking platform where you can not only chat but also make calls and even receive newsfeeds among other things, then think of ringID. The free social app provides a complete socializing experience without the need for multiple apps.

The application allows you to send unlimited instant messages for free to other ringID users, and you can easily initiate a call or secret chat from the same window. You can make free voice calls to fellow users even on a 2G connection. Of course, the call quality will be even better when you use WiFi or 3G connection.

The software lets you send secret chats by preventing the recipients from anticipating them. You do not need to initiate a new session or use a different window as it embeds the messages in the same window using a timer. The messages automatically disappear after a specified duration. The secret messages can be text, images, audio or video. Please note that secret videos and audio messages can only be viewed or listened to once.

Once you are through with your secret messages, simply turn off the feature to resume normal conversations.

The application gives you complete control over the messages you send. Upon your consent, all logs of the messages you send are deleted on both the receiver’s end and yours.

The unique ID you receive upon registration allows you to maintain your account even if your device gets lost. You do not need to provide your e-mail address and phone number when you sign up; you only define your username and password.

The segmented profile feature makes it possible to give the people you socialize with different rights. For example, you can give your close friends full profile access while limiting others to chats and calls only.

Other special features of ringID include ring circles, stickers, newsfeed and multimedia sharing. The application gives you an all-in-one communication platform for all your socializing needs.


RingID 3.1.6 Messaging Software Download