Software Download: SRWare Iron 48.0.2550.2

SRWare Iron 48.0.2550.2

Although many users love Google Chrome Web browser due to its sleek design and fast rendering of websites, many are concerned about their privacy. The browser submits user data to Google as a way of improving search experience. Apart from this, the browser uses multiple processes to run various plug-ins and tabs, which require significant memory resources. SRWare Iron has most of the features of Google Chrome, but it does not keep track of users´ web browsing patterns.

Some of the things that Google Chrome features but SRWare Iron leaves out include:

Installation ID number that is automatically generated during installation and sent to the company at first use
Suggestions offered in the address line
Alternate error pages
Error reporting
URL tracker
Google Updater

Using SRWare Iron

If you have ever used Google Chrome, then you are already familiar with SRWare Iron´s user interface, as there are many similarities between them. They are both designed from the Chromium source code. SRWare Iron also includes password, bookmark, history and task managers that give users a great browsing experience. We could also enable malware and phishing protection for even better security.

We opened different websites using these two browsers and compared the results. The results showed that SRWare Iron used relatively less memory resources and fewer numbers of processes, demonstrating that the browser did not put as much strain on systems as Google Chrome.

Since the browser accepts plug-ins, we tried it with the ones meant for Chrome and were pleased to find that they worked without a hitch. You can customize your browser depending on your own preferences, and you may even create multiple user profiles, each with its own unique settings.

Although SRWare Iron does not track users´ browsing patterns, it includes a synchronization feature you can use with a Google account to load preferred settings to the Internet so you can access them irrespective of your location.


If you use the Internet often, there is no doubt that you would like a browser that renders web pages fast. Considering the numerous threats online nowadays, you will also be concerned about your privacy and security. SRWare Iron gives you the best of both worlds, as it allows you to access sites faster but does not track your browsing trends.



SRWare Iron 48.0.2550.2