Steam Library Manager

Steam Library Manager

If you enjoy playing Steam games, then you may find yourself running out of disk space considering how large the games tend to be. There are different programs in the market that you can use to manage your games, but they have some limitations such as an inability to move games in more than two libraries, which is where Steam Library Manager comes in handy. The open source software is designed to help you move installed Steam applications in multiple libraries in addition to backing up and restoring the applications.

Using Steam Library Manager

We liked the programĀ“s intuitive graphical user interface that displayed all our installed games in thumbnail format. It also showed us the possible installation paths, and we could create as many locations as we wanted. We could clone games by copying them to other locations and preserve their installations. Alternatively, we moved them to different locations to save storage space.

The program featured tabs that allowed us to respectively refresh our library list and create either a new Steam library or backup library. We could also perform different functions that the official Steam client provided, including analyzing minimum system requirements, checking for corrupt files, defragmenting the installation files, accessing file locations and uninstalling unwanted files. Its search tool enabled us to make searches using either app ID or name.

The program compressed games during backup to preserve space. We could move installed games between libraries or move the libraries themselves. We moved games along with their respective downloading and workshop files. When moving libraries, we could create new libraries and remove the old ones or merge existing libraries. We could also delete the existing libraries.

The existing libraries were displayed on the upper part of the program window, including their sizes. We could simply drag and drop game thumbnails to the desired library.

Right-clicking on a thumbnail opened a context menu from where we could perform different tasks, such as playing the game, backing up using Steam, defragmenting or validating game files, checking system requirements, opening ACF file, viewing on Steam client or disk, removing game files using SLM and uninstalling games.


Steam Library Manager is an intuitive open source program for moving, backing up and restoring installed Steam applications. Its simple, tabbed interface allows you to access either installed games or settings to make necessary configurations. The software features multi-library support.


Steam Library Manager