One of the things that people commonly use their Web browsers for is checking e-mails, and there are high chances that you have more than one e-mail account. If you are using a personal computer, you will find it convenient to save your log-in details and may be even close your browser without signing off. The drawback to these practices is that you are likely to forget the details.

Thankfully, you can use SterJo Mail Passwords to retrieve the e-mail credentials that the browsers have saved. The lightweight application is compatible with different Web browsers and webmails, including Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Zoho and GMX among others.

The application scans all the installed browsers simultaneously when you make only one mouse click. The button that allows you to do this is conveniently located on the upper left part of the user interface with the image of an open padlock.

SterJo Mail Passwords quickly displays relevant details, which include the browsers scanned, mail services, usernames and their respective passwords. The details are neatly arranged in columns on the main application window. It also displays the total number of entries found on the lower left corner.

The lower right corner displays a link that takes you to the publisher´s website while the upper right corner features the usual minimize, maximize and close buttons.

Although the browsers normally encrypt the passwords, SterJo Mail Passwords accesses and displays the information for you. You can right-click on an entry to copy the specific information or copy all details at once to the Clipboard.

Please note that for the application to work, there must be mail log-in credentials that browsers had previously saved. It does not attempt to hack into your e-mail accounts.


SterJo Mail Passwords 1.1