Venux Connect 1.0.31 Download

You can use a variety of different applications can provide functional communication. The disadvantage with many applications, those tend to be less secure with many features. Users tend to get more features and limited functionality hackers or content, but to make a choice between tighter security risk has always been there. Venux goal is to enable users to connect in a secure environment to enjoy many of the features, in order to bridge this divide.

The free communication app allows users to communicate with their friends via chat, audio or video calls. At the same time, they will not have to worry about unintended parties listening to their conversations unnoticed.

You can use the software to call as many as 30 people on your contact list at the same time. You may securely record a video or an audio call, but you must get the permission of the other party. You can also share your screen with your contacts during a call. You may as well share encrypted files with them.

If the contacts you want to communicate with are offline, the program allows you to leave them either voice or video messages.

You can easily manage the contacts by organizing them into favorites and other groups. The search utility allows you to search through your communication history and contacts.

Venux Connect secures all data using proprietary stealth technology to protect against unwanted monitoring. Usernames and passwords are not stored in any database, and neither does the company use servers. They cannot view, retrieve or share usersĀ“ data. The encryption technology uses a combination of over 20 algorithms, making it mathematically impossible to hack.

The communication software allows you to increase functionality and enhance security with add-ons.

Venux Connect 1.0.31  Download