Baka MPlayer 2.0.4 Download

Baka MPlayer is a portable and free video player that is compatible with different multimedia files, including 10-bit encoded content. Its simple and somewhat dull interface hides many great features under the hood. The mpv based anime player has internal codecs that allow it to play many multimedia file formats without the need to install any external codecs. The player supports over 85 audio and 192 video codecs, which means you will hardly find a multimedia file it cannot handle.

Baka MPlayer 2.0.4  Download


  • Compatible with almost all multimedia file formats
  • Supports subtitles
  • Compatible with different keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to take screenshots

Using Baka Mplayer

Baka MPlayer´s portability makes it convenient because you can carry it with you on a flash drive and use it on different computers. This also means that it does not change system configurations. The player´s interface lets you focus on what you are watching without distractions.

We noticed that when we loaded a particular multimedia file such as MP4, the player would add all files of the same format in the folder to a playlist. The playlist appeared on the right part of the program interface, but we could hide it whenever we wanted. At the top and bottom part of the player are file menus and playback controls respectively.

Getting used to the player is easy considering the simple layout. It is ideal for newbies while seasoned users will also enjoy its wide variety of features.

Keyboard shortcuts made it easy to control the player, and on top of that it accepted voice controls. For example, you can simply say a media name to load it. In addition to playing multimedia files stored on a hard drive, the free video player allows you to access online multimedia content by opening their URLs.

Besides the ability to play different multimedia formats natively, we liked the player´s fast response, thanks to its low resource demand. We also welcomed the ability to take screenshots of desired sections, which we could use for various purposes, including making labels.


  • Supports many formats right under the box
  • Have many features
  • Uncluttered user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Fast response
  • Portable


  • Can´t play without .NET Framework 3.5 or above