What’s New in Ref Scheduler Windows Version 5.4 ?

Ref Scheduler will help schedule referees for your sporting event needs. The program allows the user to enter the following lists: Refs – the Referees; Schools/ Clubs/Leagues – that have associated teams; Teams – within each School/Club; Sites – where games will be played; Games – that will be assigned referees. After the list of Referees, School/Clubs, and Teams are entered, games can then be scheduled. Referees can then be assigned to those games. Refs, Schools, Teams, Sites, and Games can be added, deleted, or rescheduled as they are received. Ref, Team, and Site schedules can be downloaded to Excel, Printed, or Emailed to Refs, Team coaches, and Game Site managers. Email Refs directly from program for new game assignments or changes. Coordinates with ‘Ref Scheduler Web Version’. Upload or Download Database to or from Internet.


What’s new in this version:

Ref Scheduler Windows Version 5.4 release – September 9, 2016 includes:


  • Added Players Option
  • Added Refs AltEmail, and BirthDate, Age
  • Added Import All Chapters option.
  • Added NickName to Team Name, Added also to TeamCreate form.
  • Added RefSchedBaseballDemo.mdb as demo database to install.
  • Added Non-Clustered Indexes to tables when new Sql Server DB created.
  • Added ‘Limit Selectable Teams’ to include ‘Organization’…