WhatsApp Messenger download

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile app available for smartphones. The app can be used with a 3G plan or a WiFi connection available. The app allows to send and receive messages to your friends or people you love. You can also send pictures, videos, or audio with your mobile device.

There are several IM (Instant Messenger) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services and apps available in the App or Play Stores. WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in both in the communication category.

WhatsApp Messenger download

As the WhatsApp is available for several mobile platforms like android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, you can download and install it from the relevant store. The installation process is easy and simple. After the successful download and installation, simply run the app. The WhatsApp doesn’t need a separate ID in order to use it because your phone number works as you unique ID. Once all steps are completed, the WhatsApp allows you to call and send messages to your friends and family. You can send messages via WhatsApp for free if you are using the internet. Without the internet the WhatsApp simply works as a messaging app using the phone network instead of the internet network.The difference is that, if you are using the internet to send and receive calls and messages then it is totally free; the messages are free and the calls are free (You can also make video calls using the Internet), in contrast if you are using the phone network then the standard charges apply to each message and call you send .

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To uninstall the app:

– From the home screen, press the menu key and select Settings then Applications.

– Select Manage Applications.

– Scroll down and select “WhatsApp”, then “Uninstall.”

Price. The WhatsApp phone app is available for free in the app stores while the service is free for the first year. After that you have to pay $0.99 per year. By considering the features are services WhatsApp offers, without ads, this is a cheap deal.

WhatsApp Features. As mentioned above, you can send text messages to your friends and family. You can also send images, videos and other file formats from the WhatsApp messenger. You don’t have to manually add the people to the WhatsApp directory because you can import all of the contacts; the WhatsApp also shows you that, which of your contacts has WhatsApp installed on their phones. In case, someone is not in your phonebook, but you want to add it into the WhatsApp directory then you can do it manually.

The WhatsApp offers you another great feature which allows you to start group chat and add up to 30 people in the list to chat with them. You can also remove the people from the group

What makes the WhatsApp a Great App. There are many things which make the WhatsApp a great app; first of all the simplicity of the app. You can send the free messages using internet and as soon you lose the internet connectivity the WhatsApp changes the working, and works as a phone messaging app.You can see the missed calls and messages you get while you were offline. It means that you remain connected with the friends and family even if you go offline.

There is no need to create and remember the ID, your phone number works as your ID and you can give people your phone number as your WhatsApp ID.

The WhatsApp is a great app when it comes to the features, design and structure. You should install it on your phone and try it.

WhatsApp Messenger download