WifiHistoryView 1.05

Would you like to know the history of Wi-Fi connections on your computer? With WifiHistoryView, you will have the opportunity to view both past and present wireless connections to your computer, complete with color coding for easy identification.

Using WifiHistoryView

WifiHistoryView is a portable application that runs directly from its saved location. The lightweight application even works from external storage devices, which enables you to use it on multiple computers.

The application displayed different wireless details in separate columns, including Event Time, Event Type and Network Adapter Name among others. It displayed the total number of detected items on the lower left corner of its user interface. We could easily determine the connected and disconnected devices, thanks to the colors used on the left side of the entries.

The context menu allowed us to perform various tasks, such as saving or copying selected items, generating a report for all or only selected items in HTML format, choosing columns and viewing properties. We could also perform these tasks via their dedicated buttons located just below the menu bar. The File menu likewise enabled us to save selected items and view their properties apart from exiting the application.

We could choose to show the grid lines or tool-tips and mark either odd or even rows under the “View” menu. The “Options” menu allowed us to show time in GMT and access advanced options, where we could select the location we wanted to select information from. We could choose either the running system or an external file, in which case we needed to provide the path to the file.

The program showed us all Wi-Fi or network hotspots that had ever connected to our system, not just the current ones. However, it could not do so when the Windows event log was emptied.


WifiHistoryView is a great tool for determining current and past wireless connections to a computer. It can read information from a running system or event log files from other computers. However, please note that the lightweight software is not meant to perform any network related tasks: it is just a reporting tool, but the details it provides can prove very useful to a network administrator.


WifiHistoryView 1.05